The Pointer Club Championship Show

19th April 2008

Bitch Judge: Mr Frank Kane (Hirontower)
Dog Judge: Mr Stuart Tait (Moordale)
Referee: Mrs Lorna Lambert (Sandelbeat)


Best In Show Porschet Dark Knight
Reserve Best In Show Penwest Paza

Dog CC Porschet Dark Knight
Res Dog CC Joneva Shooting Star at Djankay

Bitch CC Penwest Paza
Res Bitch CC Ridanflight Rangiora

Puppy Dog Kiswahili Martin at Kanix
Puppy Bitch Bestina Black Opal at Leascliffe

Best Puppy In Show Kiswahili Martin At Kanix
Reserve Best Puppy In Show Bestina Black Opal At Leascliffe

Veteran Dog
1st Sh Ch Casilex Bucks Fizz JW Sh CM
2nd Crookrise Wide Awake
3rd Sh Ch Ir Sh Ch Hookwood Top Man JW
Res. Tzakiki Diamond Royale JW
VHC Jilony White Boots

Minor Puppy Dog
1st Hawkfield Sunkissed Sea
2nd Jilony Freedom With Kanix
3rd Bradgate Now Or Never
Res. Sharnphilly Just A Breeze
VHC Hawkfield Lets Get Rowdy

Puppy Dog
1st Kiswahili Martin At Kanix
2nd Casilex Chinook
3rd Crookrise Floyd
Res. Bradgate Now Or Never
VHC Lypal Pukka Tukka

Junior Dog
1st Fowington Five Bob Note
2nd Clamerkin Crystal Mountain
3rd Lyndfil Krakatau
Res. Toberdoney Fergus
VHC Hawkfield Lets Go Crackers

Yearling Dog
1st Ridanflight Rockhampton
2nd Shanandi Madrigal
3rd Clamerkin Crystal Mountain
Res. Gempoint Dark N Sharp At Handsway
VHC Wilchrimaine Obe Gold

Maiden Dog
1st Fowington Five Bob Note
2nd Hawkfield Lets Get Rowdy
3rd Lokmadi On Fire Maguire
Res. Hampsbeck Newtons Pride
VHC Joneva Shadow Dancer

Novice Dog
1st Casilex Chinook
2nd Toberdoney Fergus
3rd Lokmadi On Fire Maguire
Res. Lypal Pukka Tukka
VHC Carmelfair Corbie

Graduate Dog
1st Penwest Palamedes
2nd Birchleith Bow Bells
3rd Crookrise Ghille
Res. Clamerkin Crystal Mountain
VHC Snieray Alfie Garnet

Post Graduate
1st Stockend Macnab
2nd Fleurfields Flame For Glowmist
3rd Birchleith Barbican Beau
Res. Panoply Dare To Dream
VHC Papermill Cartridge

Mid-Limit Dog
1st Joneva Shooting StarAt Djankay
2nd Penwest Phineas At Kiswahili
3rd Lokmadi Henry Morgan
Res. Medogold Edwin Of Beckbriar

Limit Dog
1st Porschet Dark Knight
2nd Hampsbeck Chaos Sh CM
3rd Hawkfield Dapper In Black
Res. Bonnygate Imperial Choice
VHC Medogold Dan Tastic Sh CM

Open Dog
1st Sh Ch Tomlow Brief Encounter
2nd Jilony Believe In Sunhouse Sh CM
3rd Sh Ch manchela Innuendo
Res. Calderside Great Gatsby
VHC Sh Ch Tawbarn Star Eclipse Of Fluerfields JW

Special Beginners Dog
1st Hawkfield Lets Get Rowdy
2nd Wilchrimane Dartmoor Dream
3rd Flinthill Jumping Jack
Res. Stormy Lenny
VHC Martynsway Moonshine

Veteran Bitch
1st Sh Ch Bonnygate Gunns N Roses
2nd Sh Ch Trendmere Dark Star Over Wychwood Sh CM
3rd Sh Ch Hurwyn Crepe Suzette
Res. Hookwood What a Liberty
VHC Whipspan Evonne Goolagong at Brackenstyle

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st Raigmore Let It Shine
2nd Hawkfield Lets Cause Trouble
3rd Hawkfield Sea Siren
Res. Hookwood Blonde Bombshell
VHC Whipspan Quaribea

Puppy Bitch
1st Bestina Black Opal At Leascliffe
2nd Teisgol Caloochi
3rd Jilony Flower Power
Res. Hampsbeck Persuasion
VHC Jennifer Juniper

Junior Bitch
1st Penwest Phedra
2nd Fowington Six In The City
3rd Raigmore Water Lily
Res. Truly Scruptious At Manchela
VHC Lyndfil Tallahassee

Yearling Bitch
1st Ridanflight Rangiora
2nd Joneva Waiting In The Wings
3rd Wilchrimane Fleur - De - Lys
Res. Flinthill Jenny Wren
VHC Bradgate Mystic Mawake

Maiden Bitch
1st Penwest Phedra
2nd Fowington Six In The City
3rd Raigmore Let It Shine
Res. Hawkfield Lets Cause Trouble
VHC Truly Scruptious At Manchela

Novice Bitch
1st Penwest Phedra
2nd Bestina Black Opal At Leascliffe
3rd Bradgate Mystic Mauka At Kanix
Res. Hawkfield Lets Cause Trouble
VHC Millpoint For Your Eye Only

Graduate Bitch
1st Anniezu Reet Petite
2nd Ridanflight Rotorua
3rd Shanandi Madonna For Millpoint
Res. Sniperay Amber Gambler
VHC Penwest Palba At Sobranya

Post Graduate Bitch
1st Flinthill Wild Thyme JW
2nd Wilchrimane Desert Rose At Trexon
3rd Ridanflight Roma At Kanix
Res. Carmelfair Evian
VHC Bonnygate Just Diana

Mid Limit Bitch
1st Ridanflight Ruahine At Kanix
2nd Sharnphilly Complimentary
3rd Crookrise White Lace
Res. Tomlow Shall We Dance To Tanafei
VHC Juennerfly Amber Tycarreg

Limit Bitch
1st Penwest Paza
2nd Juennerfly Angelica At Beridew
3rd Wilchrimane Dark Silk
Res. Hurwyn Eau De Cologne
VHC Fleurfields First Star Over Keepersfield

Open Bitch
1st Ch/Ir Ch Aurichalcum The Avenger JW
2nd Ansona Fool Britannia At Enryb
3rd Hurwyn Swing Out Sister
Res. Chesterhope North N Breeze At Kanix (Imp)
VHC Sh Ch Lyndfil Bed Of Roses

Special Beginners Bitch
1st Anniezu Reet Petite
2nd Ridanflight Rotorua
3rd Panoply A Touch Of Gold
Res Meadowpoint Boogie Woogie


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