Crufts 2009
Venue: NEC, Birmingham
Date: Saturday 7th March 2009

Judge: Mr Clive Davies

Sh Ch Jilony Believe In Sunhouse ShCM

BOB & DCC Sh Ch Jilony Believe In Sunhouse ShCM
Owner: Mr J D, Mrs R M C & Miss R Martin

RDCC Jilony Freedom With Kanix
Owner: Mrs K S Wilberg

BCC Chesterhope North N Breeze At Kanix (Imp)
Owner: Mr & Mrs J Blackburn-Bennett

RBCC Hurwyn Eau De Cologne
Owner: Mrs S Wilkinson

Best Puppy Handsway Tanya Zoom
Owner: Mrs L M Goode

Veteran - Dog - Entries: 9 Abs: 2
1st Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Hookwood Top Man JW (Mrs S Welch)
2nd Sh Ch Scobec Lookindapper (Ms S Fowler)
3th Crookrise Wide Awake (Mrs K M Macmanus)
4th Sh Ch Medogold Midnight Romeo JW (Mrs A M Howes)
5th Sh Ch Casilex Bucks Fizz JW ShCM (Mrs E M Flint)

Special Puppy Dog - Entries: 11 Abs: 0
1st Raigmore Dusk Till Dawn (Mr & Mrs J Tibbs)
2nd Pharises Sirius (Mr S & Mrs T Moore)
3rd Aurichalcum Lord Beckett Of Castlepoint (Mr A M & Mrs C A Sellin)
4th Haramander Bobby Dazzler (Ms A J Milford)
5th Haramander Shabby Chic (Mr J & Mrs C Kirby)

Special Junior Dog - Entries: 12 Abs: 0
1st Hurwyn Some Might Say (Mrs C J O'neill)
2nd Jilony Just Amazin (Mr G W Anthony)
3rd Teisgol Sancerre (Mrs D & Mr A Kelleher & Waters)
4th Hawkfield Sunkissed Sea (Miss W J Gordon)
5th Hurwyn Macdonald (Mrs M S Pattie)

Yearling Dog - Entries: 16 Abs: 1
1st Clamerkin Crystal Mountain JW (Mrs J Drake)
2nd Dappleline Euphoria With Dottymix (Mr T & Mrs S L Jones)
3rd Hawkfield Lets Go Crackers (Miss W J Gordon)
4th Jilony Just Amazin (Mr G W Anthony)
5th Hawkfield Lets Get Rowdy JW (Miss A Hamilton)

Post Graduate Dog - Entries: 19 Abs: 4
1st Willowdrove Jigsaw Lee (Mrs L Mr M Brice)
2nd Burslygrange Hugo (Mrs D & Miss B Adams-Heighway)
3rd Teddyhawks Maximillion (Mr S & Miss T Bottoms & Alexander)
4th Groma Rock Legend (Mr D M & Mrs S Prince)
5th Rodale Ringleader (Mrs J Whiting)

Mid Limit Dog - Entries: 14 Abs: 1
1st Ridanflight Rockhampton (Mr S & Mr S J Rose & Williams)
2nd Andronja Painted Black Of Querdon taf (Mr J Carter)
3rd Jilony Rapids ShCM (Mrs A Miller)
4th Trexon Tick Tack (Mr K & Mrs A K Yeo)
5th Hurwyn Trick Of The Night For Quensha JW (Mrs A & Mr L Morgan & Petherick)

Limit Dog - Entries: 18 Abs: 1
1st Jilony Freedom With Kanix (Mrs K S Wilberg)
2nd Teisgol King Henry ShCM (Mr P R & Mrs D E Stilgoe)
3rd Hawkfield Dapper In Black JW (Miss W J Gordon)
4th Fleurfields Flame For Glowmist (Mesdames J C & M A Boyd & Hinton)
5th Scobec Cuttin A Dash (Ms S Fowler)

Open Dog - Entries: 16 Abs: 1
1st Sh Ch Jilony Believe In Sunhouse ShCM (Mr J D, Mrs R M C & Miss R Martin)
2nd Sh Ch Tomlow Brief Encounter (Miss K E Sillince)
3rd Sh Ch Manchela Innuendo (Mr M & Mr P Masters & Pavey)
4th Sh Ch Kiswahili Martin At Kanix (Mr K S & Mrs J Wilberg & Blackburn-Bennett)
5th Sh Ch Symitry Russian Roulette (Mrs C A Isherwood)

Special Working Gundog Dog - Entries: 2 Abs: 0
1st Penwest Palamedes (Miss P Westaway)
2nd Jilony White Diamond (Mrs A Fall)

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog - Entries: 5 Abs: 0
1st Teisgol King Henry ShCM (Mr P R & Mrs D E Stilgoe)
2nd Hawkfield Lets Get Rowdy JW (Miss A Hamilton)
3rd Sniperay Solstice Son (Mr E & Mrs J Luke)
4th Crookrise Wide Awake (Mrs K M Macmanus)
5th Aurichalcum The Renegade (Mrs R Mason)

Veteran Bitch - Entries: 15 Abs: 5
1st Sh Ch Trendmere Dark Star Over Wychwood ShCM (Mrs C M Naden)
2nd Sh Ch Hookwood Pretty Woman By Fleurfield JW (Mrs M Hinton)
3rd Hurwyn Lillie Savage Of Tragus JW (Mr G Upton)
4th Sniperay Pussy Galore (Mrs J Radcliffe)
5th Whipspan Evonne Goolagong At Brackenstyle (Miss Heaton)

Special Puppy Bitch - Entries: 13 Abs: 0
1st Handsway Tanya Zoom (Mrs L M Goode)
2nd Bonnygate Karriage Queen Of Deadway (Ai) (Mrs J Blowers)
3rd Jilony Jump For Joy With Phoexe (Mrs J Thompson)
4th Fieldstone Fascination With Fleurfield (Mrs M Hinton)
5th Kanix Aurora (Mrs M Jones)

Special Junior Bitch - Entries: 13 Abs: 2
1st Ruby Rosehyde (Mrs D,Mr A, Mrs P & Mrs D Kelleher, Waters & Stilg)
2nd Hawkfield Sea Siren (Miss W J Gordon)
3rd Sharnphilly Just Be Serious (Mrs S Dyer)
4th Jilony Dancing On Air (Mrs J Anthony)
5th Raigmore Let It Shine (Mr & Mrs J Tibbs)

Yearling Bitch - Entries: 16 Abs: 3
1st Bestina Black Opal At Leascliffe JW ShCM (Mr & Mrs W Crawte)
2nd Casilex Black Ice ( Mrs K M A Berkeley)
3rd Parkpoint Days Of Wine And Roses (Mr F & Mrs M Josey)
4th Aurichalcum Oh Mon Dieu (Miss L Westron)
5th Soxette Regal Mantissa Mae (Mrs J L Ainsworth)

Post Graduate Bitch - Entries: 23 Abs: 5
1st Jilony Loco-Motion (Mrs J Anthony)
2nd Medogold Wannabeposh For Lappakia (Mrs C M Stangroom)
3rd Haxalgate Theine (Miss K & Mrs A Klein-Woolthuis)
4th Keepersfield Highland Rose (Mr F A & Mrs L M Robertson)
5th Ridanflight Rotorua (Mrs C M Dean)

Mid Limit Bitch - Entries: 15 Abs: 0
1st Truly Scrumptious At Manchela (Mr M & Mr P Masters & Pavey)
2nd Ridanflight Rangiora (Mr S & Mr S J Rose & Williams)
3rd Carmelfair Evian (Mrs L Hinton)
4th Hurwyn I Heard A Rumour (Mrs C J & Mrs S O'neill & Wilkinson)
5th Woodfleet Lookin For Truble (Mr C & Mrs J Huxley)

Limit Bitch - Entries: 16 Abs: 4
1st Ridanflight Ruahine At Kanix (Mr S J & Mr S Williams & Rose)
2nd Sharnphilly Complimentary (Mrs S Dyer)
3rd Medogold Castaspell Over Cascagnia (Miss S Purdy)
4th Crookrise Moondance At Luneville (Mr N J & Mrs K M Macmanus)
5th Pipeaway Steel Magnolia With Symitry (Mrs C A Isherwood)

Open Bitch - Entries: 16 Abs: 2
1st Chesterhope North N Breeze At Kanix (Imp) (Mr & Mrs J Blackburn-Bennett)
2nd Hurwyn Eau De Cologne (Mrs S Wilkinson)
3rd Sh Ch Pipeaway Polly Garters (Mrs E W Parsons)
4th Sh Ch Medogold Sunny Daze JW (Mr M J & Mrs A M F Howes)
5th Sh Ch Medogold Jacqueline JW (Mr M J & Mrs A M F Howes)

Field Trial Bitch - Entries: 1 Abs: 0
1st Bonnygate Just A Madam For Deadaway (Mrs J Blowers)

Special Working Gundog Bitch - Entries: 4 Abs: 1
1st Aurichalcum Two To Tango (Miss D Young)
2nd Woodfleet Siennarain (Mr C & Mrs J Huxley)
3rd Ch/Ir Ch Aurichalcum The Avenger JW (Miss L Westron)

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch - Entries: 8 Abs: 0
1st Medogold Wannabeposh For Lappakia (Mrs C M Stangroom)
2nd Wyndhead Mette Marit (Mrs S J Anderson Rowell)
3rd Esrews Seranade At Pointmoor (Mr T & Mrs J Walton)
4th Freebreeze As You Like It (Mrs R Mason)

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