The Pointer Club Championship Show 2009
Venue: Notts and Newark Showground
Date: Saturday 18th April 2009

Judges: Dogs: David Everington (Peakdale); Bitches: Aidene Howes (Medogold); Referee: Frank Sutcliffe (Eaglesfield)

Best in Show/DCC: Hampsbeck Chaos (centre in photo below)

RDCC: SH Ch Jilony Believe In Sunhouse

Sharnphilly Complimentary - third CC. (left in photo below)

RBCC: Hurwyn I Heard a Rumour

Best Puppy In Show: Scobec Pure Passion (right in photo below)

The Pointer Club Champ Show 2009

Veteren Dog
1st: Sh Ch Casilex Bucks Fizz JW ShCM
2nd: Jilony White Boots
3rd: Sh Ch Tzaziki Diamond Royale JW

Minor Puppy Dog
1st: Medogold Daramoon over Kajesola
2nd: Lappakia Oasis Dream
3rd: Wilchrimane Black Ice
4th: Wynbury Hawker Hector at Kanix
5th: Calderside Co-Pilot for Chaseover

Puppy Dog
1st: Joneva Stubbs
2nd: Raigmore Dusk Till Dawn CJW 09
3rd: Joneva Regal Reflection
4th: Kiswahili Kato

Junior Dog
1st: Handsway Then There's Horris
2nd: Jilony Just Amazin
3rd: Stonesview Henry
4th: Pharises Perseus
5th: Hurwyn Some Might Say

Yearling Dog
1st: Casilex Chinook JW
2nd: Lypal Pukka Tukka
3rd: Sniperay Solstice Son
4th: Bradgate Never a Dull Moment
5th: Kossar Summer Storm

Maiden Dog

1st: Handsway Then There's Horris
2nd: Joneva Stubbs
3rd: Bonnygate Kindred Spirit (AI)
4th: Stonesview William
5th: Medogold Daramoon over Kajesola

Novice Dog
1st: Sunhouse Aftershock
2nd: Handsway Then There's Horris
3rd: Raigmore Dusk till Dawn CJW 09
4th: Hurwyn Macdonald
5th: Tanglebrook Isaac

Graduate Dog
1st: Casilex Chinook JW
2nd: Carmelfair Corbie
3rd: Sharnphilly Just a Breeze
4th: Toberdoney Fergus
5th: Bradgate Never a Dull Moment

Post Graduate Dog
1st: Burslygrange Hugo
2nd: Teddyhawks Tyler at Medarly JW ShCM
3rd: Stonesview Aces High
4th: Limpopo Desperado at Dalpoint
5th: Birchleith Bow Bells

Mid Limit Dog
1st: Azophi Moonthunder for Millpoint
2nd: Gempoint Dark n Sharp at Handsway
3rd: Kiswahili Catcher in the Rye
4th: Ledgands Magic n Mayhem

Limit Dog
1st: Hampsbeck Chaos ShCM
2nd: Penwest Phineas at Kiswahili JW
3rd: Birchleith Barbican Beau
4th: Hurwyn jack Snipe at Breezemore
5th: Hawfield Dapper in Black JW

Open Dog
1st: Sh Ch Jilony Believe in Sunhouse ShCM
2nd: Porschet Dark Knight
3rd: Sh Ch Kiswahili Martin at Kanix
4th: Hawkfield Suited and Booted
5th: Sh Ch Joneva Shooting Star at Djankay

Beginners Dog
1st Bradgate Never a Dull Moment
2nd Hampsbeck Newtons Pride

Veteran Bitch
1st: Ch Peakdale Joy of Kelval
2nd: Sh Ch Sharnphilly Simply the Best ShCM
3rd: Adstock Regale of Pendan
4th: Hookwood What a Liberty
5th: Hookwood Liberty Belle

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st: Fleurfields Felicia of Shambellie
2nd: Calderside Yours Truly
3rd: Sharnphilly Skylark
4th: Bradgate Party Popper
5th: Calderside Songbird at Honeywood

Puppy Bitch
1st: Scobec Pure Passion
2nd: Lowsmoor Storms River (AI)
3rd: Raigmore Dawn Chorus
4th: Bradgate Party Popper
5th: Anniezu Everlasting Love

Junior Bitch
1st: Pharises Aphrodites
2nd: Jilony Dancing on Air
3rd: Fieldstone Fascination with Fleurfield
4th: Kanix Aster
5th: Wyndhead Mette Marit

Yearling Bitch
1st: Pharises Aphrodites
2nd: Bestina Black Opal at leasecliffe JW ShCM
3rd: Raigmore Let it Shine JW
4th: Hawkfield Sea Siren
5th: Hawkfield Lets Cause Truble JW

Maiden Bitch
1st: Bradgate Party Popper
2nd: Shadesett I aint Bovered
3rd: Lappakia Dune Song
4th: Keepersfield Molly Malone

Novice Bitch
1st: Lowsmoor Storms River (AI)
2nd: Raigmore Dawn Chorus
3rd: Fieldstone Fascination with Fleurfield
4th: Calderside Songbird at Honeywood
5th: Symitry Gold Brocade

Graduate Bitch
1st: Spinray Miss Saigon
2nd: Anniezu Reet Petite
3rd: Chaseover Shamrock at Ridanflight
4th: Keepersfield English Rose
5th: Graacas Luna Bluebell by Alozia

Post Graduate Bitch

1st: Sativus All About eve
2nd: Penwest Phedra JW
3rd: Raigmore Quest
4th: Janeryl's Desert Flower at Lappakia
5th: Wilchrimane Fleur-De-Lys

Mid Limit Bitch

1st: Fleurfields First Star over Keepersfield
2nd: Kelval Kay
3rd: Hampsbeck Maybe Mabel
4th: Bonnygate Just Diana
5th: Woodfleet Lookin for Truble

Limt Bitch
1st: Sharnphilly Complimentary
2nd: Hurwyn I Heard a Rumour
3rd: Pipeaway Steel Magnolia with Symitry
4th: Sniperay Amber Gambler
5th: Adstock Beatrix Potter of Pendan

Open Bitch
1st: Crookrise White Lace
2nd: Sh Ch Joneva Waiting in the Wings JW
3rd: Tzaziki Diamond Cascade over Moreglen JW
4th: Hurwyn Eau De Cologne
5th: Sh Ch Flinthill Wild Thyme JW

Beginners Bitch
1st: Anniezu Reet Petite
2nd Janeryls Desert Flower at Lappakia
3rd Wynbury Isabella
4th Wyndhead Mette Marit

Best Breeder Class
Mary Mcburnie - Stonesview

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