Southern Pointer Club Champ Show 2009
Venue: Clevedon, Nr Bristol
Date: Sunday 19th July 2009

Dog Judge: MR M Howes
Bitch Judge: Mrs G Simmons

BIS & BCC: Edmondson's Crookrise White Lace
RBCC: Macmanus's Crookrise Moondance at Luneville

RBIS & DCC: Gordon's Hawkfield Dapper In Black
RDCC: Gordon's Hawfield Sunkissed Sea
Siddle's Wilchrimane Black Ice
BVIS: Preece's Pipeaway Solar Corona over Harvestlade

1st: Isherwoods Jarobede Napoleon solo with Symitry naf
2nd: Westaway's Crookrise Freeagent to Penwest

1st: Siddle's Wilchrimane Black Ice
2nd: Ward's P. Dizzee Rascal At Caleta
3rd: Warford's Lappakia Desert Passion
4th: Stangroom's Lappakia Oasis Dream

Junior Dog
1st: Tibbs Raigmore Dusk till Dawn
2nd: Everington's Joneva Jupiter
3rd: Wilson's Joneva Regal Reflection
4th: Harris's Scobec ManAbout town
5th: McBurnie & Nichol's Stonesview William

Yearling Dog
1st: Mc Burnie&Nicholls Stonesview Henry
2nd: O'Neil's Hurwyn Some Might Say
3rd: Gordon's Hawkfield Lets Go Crackers
4th: Simmon's Hurwyn Morning Glory at Honeywood

Maiden Dog
1st: Joneva Regal Reflection
2nd: Moore's Wynbury Dillon

Novice Dog
1st: Joneva Regal Reflection
2nd: Lappakia Oasis Dream
3rd: Wynbury Dillon
4th: Whitstance's Escrews Serious Lord Jack

Undergraduate Dog
1st: Gordon's Hawfield Sunkissed Sea
2nd: Flint's Cassilex Chinook
3rd: Smith's Toberdonney Fergus
4th: Smith's (J) Carmelfair Corbie

Post Graduate Dog
1st: Drake's Clamerkin Crystal Mountain
2nd: Warford's Hampsbeck Newton's Pride
3rd: Smith & Hook's Tomlow Invisible Touch of Blueyonder
4th: Jone's Trafakis Stargazer
5th: Fuller & Millards Wilchrimane Dartmoor Dream

Mid Limit Dog
1st: Cherry's Shanandi Masterclass
2nd: Prince's Groma Rock Legand

Limit Dog
1st: O'Driscoll's Fowington Five Bob Note
2nd: Tuit'e Porschet Midnight Shadow
3rd: Siddle's Wilchrimane Obe Gold
4th: Tadd & Openshaw's Lokmadi Henry Morgan

Open Dog
1st: Gordon's Hawkfield Dapper In Black DCC RBIS
2nd: Wilson's Joneva Shooting Star at Djankay
3rd: Tuite's Porschet Dark Knight
4th: Edmondson & Robertashaw's Crookrise Rhum
5th: Isherwood's Symitry Russian Roulette

Veteran Dog
1st: Wards P. Magnum Psyche At Rossglide RBV
2nd: Welch's Hookwood Top Man
3rd: Flint's Cassilex Bucks Fizz
4th: Macmanus Crookrise Wide Awake
5th: macmanus Vossmead Jester of Crookrise

Minor Pup Bitch
1st: Edmondson's Free & Easy BPB
2nd: Glendinning's Crookrise Free Flying taf

Puppy Bitch
1st: Ingham's Calderside Yours Truly
2nd: Gloyn's Thorncross Commanche Call
3rd: Tannahill's Wynbury Antonina
4th: coombes Wilchramane Doodlebug
5th: Stangroom's Lappakia Dune Song

Junior Bitch
1st: Edens Trexon Moonchild at Dalens
2nd: Smith's Hookwood Tickedeeboo Says Lypal
3rd: O'Driscoll's Fowington Caracas
4th: Smith's Raigmore Dawn Chorus
5th: Preece's Haramander diamond Lil of Harvestlade

Yearling Bitch
1st: Tibb's Raigmore Let It Shine
2nd: Smith's Hawkfield Lets Cause Truble
3rd: Wessley's Bradgate On The Run
4th: Welch's Hookwood Blonde Bombshell
5th: Gordon's Hawkfield Sea Siren

Maiden Bitch
1st: Fowington Caracas
2nd: Crookrise Free Flying
3rd: Lappakia Dune Song

Novice Bitch

1st: Fowington Caracas
2nd: Raigmore Dawn Chorus
3rd: Welch's Hookwood Back to Black
4th: Wynbury Antonina
5th: Hookwood Tickedeeboo Says Lypal

Undergraduate Bitch

1st: Tannahill's Wynbury Isabella
2nd: Mason's Freebreeze As You Like It
3rd: Swain's Moyola Music And Lights

Post Graduate Bitch

1st: Drake's Clamerkin Crystal Lace
2nd: Symonds' Medogold Kalandra at Tanafei
3rd: Nelis's Freebreeze Reflected Glory
4th: Wynbury Isabella
5th: McBurnie's Stonesview Ebony and Ivory

Mid Limit Bitch
1st: Tibb's Raigmore Quest
2nd: Westaway's Penwest Phedra
3rd: Stangroom's Medogold Wannabeposh for Lappakia
4th: Milford's Haramander Tangerine Dream

Limit Bitch
1st: Macmanus's Crookrise Moondance at Luneville
2nd: Barker's Flinthill Jenny Wren
3rd: Coggin's Medogold Bewitched to Gemrose
4th: Preece Pipeaway Nellie Melba of Harvestlade
5th: Fowington Six in the City

Open Bitch
1st: Edmondson's Crookrise White Lace
2nd: Westaway's Penwest Paza
3rd: Crookrise Arran at Luneville
4th: Young's Aurichalcum The Reflection
5th: Mason's Crookrise Touch Of Gold

Veteran Bitch
1st: Preece's Pipeaway Solar Corona over Harvestlade
2nd: Isherwood's Pipeaway Focus Fixation with Symitry
3rd: Drake's Clamerkin Certain Style
4th: Eldridge Bradgate High Falutin
5th: Milford's Haramander Amber Alert

1st: Stangroom's
2nd: Siddle's
3rd: Tannahill's
4th: Mason's
5th: Macmanus's


1st: Siddles
2nd: Gordon's

Stud Dog
1st: Crookrise Rhum
2nd: Vossmead Jester Of Crookrise

Brood Bitch
1st: Janeryl's Desert Flower At Lappakia


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