The Southern Pointer Club Champ Show 2010
Date: Sunday 18th July 2010

Dog Judge:
Bitch Judge:
Mrs Carole Coode (Warringah)
Mrs Lynne Hinton (Fleurfield)

Best in Show & BCC: Diane Preece's Pipeaway Nellie Melba of Harvestslade
Reserve Best In Show and RBCC: Rayner and Spinks' Spinray Miss Saigon
DCC & Best Opposite Sex: Rose and Williams' Ridanflight Rockhampton
RDCC: Wood's Ch Stockend Jamieson
Best Puppy In Show: Fox's Tenshilling I Get Around to Dappleline.

Minor Puppy Dog:

1st Theobold's Tycarreg Strangely Familiar
2nd Evans' Peakdale Zebulon

Puppy Dog
1st Tibbs' Raigmore Aladdin Sane
2nd Adams and Grimes' Ansona Simple Simon JW
3rd Copper's Keepersfield I Have a Dream
4th Edens' Esrews Black Tuxedo at Dalens
5th Wilcox's Scobec Man In The Mirror at Merynjen

Junior Dog:
1st Fox's Tenshilling I Get Around To Dappleline (BPIS)
2nd Sillince's Hawkfield Create a Rumpus at Tomlow
3rd Barrs-Grodon's Panoply Double Dare
4th Tibb's Raigmore Skewiff
5th Edens' Esrews Black Tuxedo at Dalens

Yearling Dog:
1st Warford's Lappakia Oasis Dream
2nd Siddle's Wilchrimane Black Ice JW
3rd Williams & Rose's Ridanflight Revelation
4th Barrs-Gordon's Panoply Double Dare
5th Prince's Groma Jesse James

Maiden Dog:
1st Tibbs' Raigmore Aladdin Sane
2nd Copper's Keepersfiled I have a dream

Novice Dog:
1st Fox's Tenshilling I Get Around To Dappleline
2nd Tibbs' Raigmore Aladdin Sane
3rd Cooper's Keepersfield I have a dream
4th Drake-Lee's Lambleaze Limerick

Under Graduate Dog:

1st Barrs-Gordon's Panoply Double Dare
2nd Atkins' Hawkfield Mischief Maker for Guanabara JW ShCM
3rd Cooper's Winbury Hawker Hector at Kanix
4th Fuller and Millard's Wilchrimane Daring to Hope
5th Smith & Welch's Hookwood Hey Jude

Post Graduate Dog:
1st Kirby's Haramander Shabby Chicc
2nd Goode's Handsway Then There's Horace
3rd Stangroom's Lappakia Oasis Dream
4th Yeo's Cornish Crusade at Trexon
5th Tibbs' Raigmore Dusk til Dawn JW CJW09

Mid Limit Dog:
1st Wood's Stockend Winchester
2nd Fuller & Millard'sWilchrimane Dartmoor Dream ShCM
3rd Prince's Groma Rock Legends
4th Jones' Tafakis Stargazer
5th Sillince's Tomlow Sneak Preview

Limit Dog:

1st Rose and Williams' Ridanflight Rockhampton
2nd Drake's Clamerkin Crystal Mountain JW SHCM
3rd O'Neill's Hurwyn Some Might Say JW
4th Kirby's Haramander Shabby Chic
5th Naden's Wychwood Love Over Gold

Open Dog:
1st Wood's Ch Stockend Jamieson
2nd O'Driscoll's Fowington Five Bob Note
3rd Goode's Sh Ch Gempoint Dark n Sharp at Handsway
4th Swift's Hampsbeck Chaos ShCM
5th Gordon's Hawkfield Dapper in Black JW

Veteran Dog:
1st Welch's Ir Sh Ch Hookwood Top Marks JW ShCM
2nd Isherwood's Symitry Russion Roulette
3rd Ward's Pipeaway Magnum Psyche at Rossgilde
4th Macmanus' Crookrise Wide Awake
5th Curran's Huwryn Jack Snipe at Breezemoor

Field Trial Dog:
1st Wood's Ch Stockend Jamieson
2nd Wood's Stockend Winchester

Minor Puppy Bitch:
1st Everington's Peakdale Silver Bell
2nd Smith's Blueyonda Whitty Banter

Puppy Bitch:
1st Dyer's Sharnphilly Auckland
2nd Preece's Scobec Painted Lady of Harvestlade
3rd O'Neill's Tenshilling Do it again
4th Cooper's Keepersfield Mamma Mia
5th Jones' Raigmore Prettiest Star at Dottymix

Junior Bitch:
1st Howes' Medogold Double Dizzy JW
2nd Gordon's Tomlow Look Who's Here at Hawkfield
3rd Tibb's Raigmore Bawbee
4th Wilkinson's Flinthill Forget Me Not
5th Barker's Flinthill Daisy Chain

Yearling Bitch:
1st Edmondson & Robertshaw's Crookrise Free and easy
2nd Andrews 7 Ledger's Aurichalcum Miss Tified Ledgands
3rd Smith' Hookwood Tickadeeboo Says Lypal
4th Coombes' Wilchrimane Doodlebug
5th Copper's Kanix Buttons

Maiden Bitch:
1st Young's Gundioy Argentine Tango
2nd Davis' Maharilo Crème Catalana
3rd Smith's Blueyonda Whitty Banter

Novice Bitch:
1st O'Neill's Tenshilling Do It Again
2nd Cooper's Keepersfield Mamma Mia
3rd Barrs-Gordon's Panoply Black Diamond
4th Curran's Raigmore Dawn Run at Breezemoor

Under Graduate Bitch:
1st Dunn's Meadowpoint Spirit Dancer
2nd Simmons' Calderside Songbird at Honeywood
3rd Wilkinson's Flinthill Forget Me Not
4th Howes' Medogold Tallulah
5th Young's Hawkfield Tiara

Post Graduate Bitch:
1st Gordon's Hawkfield Sea Siren
2nd Naden's Wychwood Midsomer Dream
3rd Lowe's Lowsmoor Storms River (AI)
4th Swain's Moyola Music and Lights
5th Simmons' Calderside Songbird at Honeywood

Mid Limit Bitch:
1st Rayner & Spinks' Spinray Miss Saigon
2nd Drake's Clamerkin Crystal Lace JW
3rd Welch's Hookwood Back to Black JW
4th Young's Aurichalcum Two To Tango
5th Swift's Hampsbeck Persuasion

Limit Bitch:
1st Westaway's Penwest Phedra JW
2nd Luke's Sniperay Amber Gambler
3rd Rose & William's Ridanflight Rangiora
4th Lowe's Lowsmoor Echo Falls
5th Smith's Medogold Pearl Power over Blueyonda JW SHCM

Open Bitch:
1st Preece's Pipeaway Nellie Melba of Harvestslade
2nd Guy's Teisgol Pheonix at Carofel JW
3rd Williams & Rose's Ridanflight Ruahine at Kanix
4th Kelly's Kelval Kay
5th Sillince's Tomlow Night and Day

Veteran Bitch:
1st Turnball's Juennerfly Angelica at Beridew
2nd Wood's Ch Sandlebeat Elle Mae of Stockend
3rd Theobold's Juennerfly Amber Tycarreg
4th Young's Aurichalcum The Reflection
5th Fox's Whipspan Cathy Freeman of Dappleline

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