Terms & Conditions


  • We must receive your funds within 7 days of the date the order was placed or the order will be cancelled.
  • Credit/Debit cards & Paypal. We make use of the PayPal system - which is safe and secure. Therefore we do NOT hold any credit or debit card details whatsoever. We can also take credit and debit card payments when at shows using a Paypal card reader. 
  • For all Paypal payments, an additional charge will be added to the total cost to cover the Paypal fees which we get charged.
  • Payment by UK cheque. If you want to make payment by UK cheque, you will need to complete the payment process, selecting 'pay by cheque'. We will then contact you with the cheque payment details. 
  • Bank transfer: If you want to make payment by Bank Transfer, you will need to complete the payment process, selecting pay by BANK TRANSFER. We will then contact you with the bank transfer detail. You will be responsible for paying all bank charges and fees relating to bank transfers. 
  • Cash is accepted in person only and must usually be pre-agreed with us.


  • Goods are only supplied when full payment, including postage and packing costs, has been received and cleared. There is no exception to this.


  • You must notify us in writing within 7 calendar days should your item(s) arrive in less than perfect condition. 
  • Refunds will only be offered where non-receipt of order can be proven or the item(s) is badly damaged and this can be evidence.


  • Returns are not usually accepted. Should you wish to return an (item) please let us know within 7 calendars days of receiving the item. Beyond this, we will not accept returns for any reason. Returns in any case can only be accepted where the item(s) is damaged. You are fully responsible for the cost of returning the item(s).
  • All books delivered by courier, will be insured. Claims for loss or damage during the delivery process will be take up with the courier in question.



  • Should you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us