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This site continues to be dedicated to (English) Pointers. To get the very best out of this Pointer site please feel free to make use of all the great facilities it offers. This is the number 1 UK Pointer Showcase with over 30,000+ unique visitors each month so we hope that your visit is enjoyable and educational !

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Ledgands Pointers – established in 1998, this UK English Pointer Showcase remains home to the UK’s grandest collection of Pointer photos taken at UK Championship dog shows;  the World’s largest dedicated online Pointer Pedigree Database,  links to other English Pointer websites across the globe. We’ve now updated the pedigree database to include many photos and from time to time, we will add more! This is a non-commercial website run by Pointer fans!

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We also maintain a full list of UK Championship Shows listing Pointer judges, results, photos and judges critiques – all freely accessible in one handy place! Photos go back as far as 2002! For your enjoyment, we have an album containing Pointers Past – feel free to view these Pointers of yesteryear.

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It all started here, and Pointers soon took over:

Reebok - Strider the Ranger of Ledgands


Our very first dog together; our introduction to dog obedience and showing.

Anakin - Ledgands Jedi Knight


Our first Pointer, his head and expression made him & us well known all over the world.

China - Lynwater Sprinter Among Ledgands


Our foundation Pointer bitch. Love and cherished mother to our multi-international show champion, Nemo.