Submit a Pointer Pedigree

This form is for the submission of a single Pointer pedigree.

It only takes a few simple steps to submit your Pointer database entry. Remember, the more accurate and complete information that you supply, the better the database will be. You can also use this form to provide any information that is missing from a pedigree that is already in the database.

If you want to add a whole litter then use this form – click here.


    Registered Name*


    Welp / birth Date* (DD/MM/YYYY format please.)


    About the parents.

    Please enter the full registered pedigree name of both the Sire and the Dam.

    The Sire and the Dam must both be in our database already. If not, please enter their full pedigree first.



    About the Pointer you are entering.

    Kennel Club Registration Number

    Prefix (ie: Ch, Sh Ch etc)

    Suffix (ie: JW, ShCM, JH etc)


    Stud Book Number

    The breeder's Name*

    About you.

    Your Name*

    Your email address*

    Re-confirm your email address*

    Just before you send your pedigree entry, please ensure that all of the information you have supplied is complete and accurate. Remember that accurate entries = accurate pedigrees.

    Please note: Due to the number of entries we receive each month, it may well take up to 8 weeks before your pedigree appears in the online database and so your patience is very much appreciated.

    I confirm that the data being submitted in accurate and complete.

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