Reebok - Strider The Ranger of Ledgands

Strider The Ranger of Ledgands

Reebok was bred by Mrs J. Winter
Born. 6th January 1998; d. 27th July 2010
Sire: Watermere Bobby Dazzler; Dam: Emtee Sammy Lady Of The Park

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For us it all started in the early autumn of 1998 when we brought Reebok – our black Labrador Retriever home to Northview.

A cute little Pup (ain’t they all though?) who turned out to be rather distructive at times – he ate plaster off the wall; the washing machine handle; the side panel of a cupboard and numerous floor mats! That said – these were all minor frustrations and easily fixed. Reebok was a very happy and lovely pup – a real joy.

Reebok was our very own “plodosorus” – whose placid , very loving temperment made him “everyone’s favourite” – he took every opportunity to sit by our back door and watch the world go by…. until someone came around and oh, then he greeted them like long lost friends…the sign on the gate should have said “warning – dog will lick you to death”.

Reebok really loved his new home as he was surrounded by open fields. A couple of days after moving in a neighbour asked me if I have lost a black labrador – yes, you guessed it! He’d somehow managed to get through the fence and brambles – all for the sake of a ball and was found having a whale of a time playing with it in the field next door! Typical Reebok – anything for a ball!

In the show ring he did really well locally – loads of first and second places. When he was a nipper he won Best Puppy a few times. Since his knee operation he was only shown a couple of times. One time in particular he had not been shown for about three years. We put him in a Post Grad class which had 32 entered…and he got a staggering 4th which was brilliant.

On Sunday 21st August 2005 Reebok won 1st Veteran at Ireland’s Clonmel & District Canine Society’s Champ Show. He looked great on the day and we’re really pleased that the only class he entered, he won. Super!

Since retiring, Reebok became the stately gentleman around the house, providing comfort and security to the other Pointers – they would all run to him when they wanted protecting or wanted to feel safe. In particular, China loved him dearly and would always be found standing over him or nuzzling up to him for comfort.

Throughout his life reebok was always one of those dogs that just did not need a lead when walking – although in public places we always used one just in case. His gentle and loyal nature never made him a risk to any other living thing.

In his retirement years, Reebok enjoyed plodding around our field and took every opportunity to get a cuddle from those passing by. He would enjoy soaking up the warmth of the sun by just lolopping on the grass.

On Sunday 25th July 2010, Reebok deteriorated after suffering some kind of facial infection which never properly healed. He went over rainbow bridge just before 6am on Tuesday 27th July 2010.

Being our first dog ever, he will always hold a special place in our hearts. His unwavering loyalty, love and devotion will always be remembered, as will the twelve and a half years of happy memories of sharing this planet with such a wonderful dog. It is a good job that tears can never wash away those memories.

Reebok now enjoys eternal runs in the fields of fun with Bond and beloved Anakin.

Rest In Peace Reebok. We will love you forever xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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